Cleu Alarm 2.0.1

Cleu Alarm 2.0.1


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Date Added:15 October, 2014

Author: myAchy llc

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Cleu Alarm begins where all of your alarm clocks end.


1. Personal Itinerary:

With the integration of Calendars and Reminders from your already set-up iCal & Reminders app, Cleu will now display your next steps to start the day in a personalized Itinerary. All calendars and reminders are supported, including Google, Exchange, iCloud, & even birthdays from your iCal and Reminders App.

2. PowerNap:

We all need to take naps to re-energize our mind and body from time to time. Cleu Alarm now has a built in PowerNap Alarm to help you take a quick nap. We also defaulted it to 20 minutes for you.

3. Personalized Wake screen

Cleu Alarm is learning who you are. With the addition of adding your name, Cleu Alarm displays all of your content with your identity attached so that you can always retrieve your alarms and settings regardless of which device you are on.

4. All New Design

We wanted to give Cleu Alarm a fresh new look to go with your latest software on your iOS device so we rebuilt the design from the ground up. Take a look!

5. Weather Integration

Cleu Alarm has always displayed the current weather to show you the weather outside regardless of where you wake up. No need to add in zip codes to limit yourself to one location, Cleu will recognize on its own where you™re waking up and what the weather condition is like outside.

6. Ambidextrous Wake Gesture

Some of us are right-handers and some of us are left-handers. We built a wake gesture that's a bit challenging to help start your mind but not too confusing where it might be aggravating to try again. Our connect-the-dots gesture is fully ambidextrous so that you don't accidentally slip your phone out of your hands in a ˜groggy™ state.

7. AirPlay

Sometimes the volume on our devices isn't enough to wake us up. Cleu Alarm allows you to play your alarm over any AirPlay enabled device, whether it be a dock you currently use or your Apple TV.

8. Customizable Snooze

Some of us like to set a custom snooze and some of us don™t want the option at all when we have to get up. Regardless of your choice, Cleu has an option for you.

9. Music Alarms

With our growing music libraries, it™s good to be able to wake up to that song you just downloaded. Cleu Alarm allows you to choose any track from your Music library as your wake up sound and it won™t cut off a few seconds in.

10. Intelligent Dimming

As we set our alarm, some of us prefer to leave the screen up and some of us prefer to lock our screens. For those of us that leave the screen up, Cleu Alarm gradually dims the screen to help reduce that glare at night but leaves the screen up for you to quickly check the time throughout the night.

11. Digital Time Keeper

We use our smartphones so much that we look at them for telling time throughout the day. Some of us even like to know down to the second what the time is. Cleu Alarm showcases the exact time wherever you are down to the second. Timekeeping is important and we like to keep it as accurate as possible.

12. Background/Do-Not-Disturb Alarm Support

Although this should not have to be stated because as an alarm, your sound and alarm choices should play regardless of your phone being on vibrate or activating Do-Not-Disturb in your settings. Due to most alarms not allowing this, we want you to know Cleu Alarm fully supports Do-Not-Disturb and alarms in the background whether your phone is locked or you are in another App to help you wake up on time.


We are always working to make Cleu better and stronger. If you have any feedback for us, shoot us a note at [ ].

System Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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